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. Japanese Architecture 日本建築 - Introduction .

Japanese Aesthetics エスセティクス - Nihon no bigaku 日本の美学
The most common terms for aesthetics and design are introduced here.
. Japanese Aesthetics .

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Japanese interior design
Japanese interior design has a unique aesthetic derived from Taoism, Zen Buddhism, specific religious figures and the west. This aesthetic has in turn influenced western style, particularly Modernism.
Interiors are very simple, highlighting minimal and natural decoration. Traditional Japanese interiors, as well as modern, incorporate mainly natural materials including fine woods, bamboo, silk, rice straw mats, and paper shōji screens. Natural materials are used to keep simplicity in the space that connects to nature. Natural color schemes are used and neutral palettes including black, white, off-white, gray, and brown.
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Traditional materials of the interior
Japanese interior design is very efficient in the use of resources. Traditional and modern Japanese interiors have been flexible in use and designed mostly with natural materials. The spaces are used as multifunctional rooms. The rooms can be opened to create more space for a particular occasion or for more privacy, or vice versa closed-off by pulling closed paper screens called shōji.

Walls made of shōji screens ...
Tatami mats ...
Bamboo ...
Paper, or washi ...
Wood ...

A recessed space called tokonoma is often present in traditional as well as modern Japanese living rooms. This is the focus of the room and displays Japanese art, usually a painting or calligraphy.
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. butsuma 仏間 room for the Buddhist house altar .
. . . . . butsudan 仏壇 Buddhist house altar

. byoobu, tsuitate 屏風、衝立 folding screen .

byooshitsu 病室 room for a sick person

. chabudai ちゃぶ台 / 卓袱台 / 茶部台 table for tatami rooms .
shippoku しっぽく
karazukue 唐机(からづくえ) "Chinese Tang Table"

. chanoma 茶の間 private living room "tea room" .
cha no ma, cha-no-ma

. chigaidana, chigai-dana 違い棚 staggered shelves .

chikachitsu 地下室 underground room

choozu 手水 place to wash your hands

chuunikai, chuu nikai 中二階 mezzanine "middle second floor"

. daidokoro 台所 kitchen - Introduction .
- - - - - irori 囲炉裏 / いろり open sunken hearth - and more vocabulary

daikokubashira 大黒柱 main support pillar of a wooden home "Daikoku-pillar"

doma 土間 dirt floor pit, parterre
- - - - - hiradoma 平土間 pit, orchestra, parquet

. furo 風呂, basuruumu バスルーム bathroom .
- - - - - yudono 湯殿, yokushitsu 浴室 $

. fusuma 襖 and shoji 障子 sliding door .

futobashira 太柱 core pillar

. fuyuzashiki, fuyu-zashiki 冬座敷 Japanese living room in winter .

genkan 玄関 entrance, entrance hall

gootenjoo 格天井 gotenjo, coffered ceiling

hitoma 一間 one room, one-room appartment / ikken - measure, about 1.8 m

hiroma 広間 large room (for gatherings or entertainment)

ima 居間 living room

ita no ma 板の間

kaidan 階段 staircase
- - - - - hashigodan 梯子段 (a flight of) stairs "like a ladder"

. kagu 家具 furniture // wa kagu 和家具 Japanese furniture .

. kawaya 厠, setchin 雪隠, habakari 憚り, benjo 便所 toilet .
. . . . . kooka 後架 toilet, gofujoo 御不浄

kodomobeya 子供部屋 room for children

koshitsu 個室 private room, individual room

. kugikakushi, kugi kakushi 釘隠し "hiding the nails" nail-hiding ornament .  
and all about kugi 釘, Japanese nails
. kugi 釘 nail, Nagel - Introduction .

kyakushitsu, kyakuma 客室 / 客間 guest room

. mado 窓 window .
- - - - - mado no shikii 窓の敷居 windowsill

. menkawabashira 面皮柱 Menkawa pillar or post .

nagaoshi, naga-oshi 長押 beam running between columns

nakaniwa 中庭 "inner garden" - see Japanese Garden tba

nando 納戸 storage room, closet, back room

. natsuzashiki, natsu-zashiki夏座敷 living room in summer .

nihonma, Nihon-ma 日本間 "Japanese room"

oku no ma 奥の間 - see
. okuzashiki 奥座敷 living room in the back .

oohiroma 大広間 banquet hall, reception hall
oosetsuma 応接間 parlor, reception room

. ranma 欄間 transom, open panel carvings .

robii ロビー loby

sanruumu サンルーム sun room

saron サロン saloon

senmenjo 洗面所 wash room, washroom

shikii, shiki-i 敷居 a wooden groove at the boundary of rooms in which sliding doors move, threshold

shinshitsu 寝室 bedroom
- - - - - nedokoro 寝所 / shinjo 寝所
- - - - - nema 寝間
- - - - - kei 閨 woman's bedroom

shoin 書院 study, drawing room
- - - - - shosai 書斎 study, library
- - - - - shoya 書屋 room for books

shokudoo 食堂 dining room

sujikai 筋交い diagonal brace

. tatami 畳 floor mats .
- - - - - tatami no ma 畳の間 $

. tansu 箪笥 / 簞笥 -- たんす chest of drawers, Kommode .

tearai, te-arai 手洗い place to wash your hands, often toilet

tenjoo 天井 ceiling

tenmado 天窓 rooflight, "window to see heaven"

. tokonoma 床の間 alcove for decorations, art nook .
- - - tokobashira 床柱 tokonoma post, alcove post

tooriniwa, toori-niwa 通り庭 earthfloored area, long doma -
. tooriniwa - inour facebook gallery .
..... tsuuro 通路, tooridoma 通り土間
- 通り庭ある京の家炭を挽く 神田敏子

tsugi no ma 次の間 ante-room, antechamber

. uguisubari うぐいす張 / 鴬張 / 鶯張り nightingale floor .

washitsu 和室 Japanese-style room

yooshitsu 洋室 / yooma 洋間 Western-style room

. zabuton 座布団 sitting cushion .

. zashiki 座敷 guest room, drawing room, sitting room .
..... zashiki karakuri 座敷からくり mechanical dolls
..... zashiki warashi 座敷童子 / ざしきわらし girl spooks


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- - - - - Literature and Reference

The Japanese House: Architecture and Interiors
Alexandra Black、 Noboru Murata
The simple beauty of Japanese architecture and design has inspired many of the world's top architects and designers-Bruno Taut, Frank Lloyd Wright, and Terence Conran, to name just a few. The grace and elegance of the Japanese sensibility is reflected in both modern and traditional Japanese homes, from their fluid floor plans to their use of natural materials. In The Japanese House, renowned Japanese photographer Noboru Murata has captured this Eastern spirit with hundreds of vivid color photographs of 15 Japanese homes. As we step behind the lens with Murata, we're witness to the unique Japanese aesthetic-to the simple proportions modeled after the square of the tatami mat; to refined, rustic decor; to earthy materials like wood, paper, straw, ceramics, and textiles. This is a glorious house-tour readers can return to again and again-for ideas, inspiration, or simply admiration.
- source : www.amazon.co.jp


Living in Japan
Alex Kerr / Kathy Arlyn Sokol (Author), Angelika Taschen (Editor), Reto Guntli (Photographer)
So rich and unique is traditional Japanese architecture that it’s hard to improve upon. Yet contemporary Japanese designers and architects keep finding new ways to refurbish and take inspiration from the ways of old. Whether it’s a pristinely preserved traditional house or a cutting-edge apartment, the best Japanese homes share a love of cleverly designed spaces and warm materials such as wood, bricks, and bamboo.
From a thatched roof farmhouse occupied by a Zen priest to Tadao Ando’s experimental 4x4 House, Shigeru Ban’s conceptual Shutter House, and a beautiful homage to bamboo in the form of a home, this book traverses the multifaceted landscape of Japanese living today. Also included is a list of addresses and a glossary of terms, such as tatami.
Text in English, French, and German
- source : www.amazon.com


Japan the Art of Living
Amy Slyvester Katoh、 Shin Kimura

Japan Style: Architecture
Geeta Mehta

Japan: The Art of Living
Amy Sylvester

Japan Home
リサ パラモア

and more on amazon com
- source : www.amazon.co.jp/Japanese-House-Architecture-Interiors

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Modern Japanese Interior Design:
Nature atmosphere inside Home

Basically, there are thousands great ideas about home interior design that will inspire you in deciding the right home interior design, western interior design, European home interior design or maybe Asian home interior design. Asian interior design is one of great ideas; one of Asian home interior design which maybe can be great inspiration for you is Modern Japanese interior design.

Special characteristic from Modern Japanese interior design is the minimalist design; commonly Japanese homes are small home that is occupied by one family. The other Japanese home character is, commonly Japanese home involve hallway, and the hallway is located between one room and the other. The hallway is used to connect the rooms of the home. Common modern Japanese home interior design provides an outdoor terrace inside home; this way is done to give fresh air for home.

Modern Japanese interior design is inspired from Traditional Japanese home.
- source : lookhomedesign.com


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. Japanese Architecture - cultural keywords used in haiku .

. - Doing Business in Edo - 商売 - Introduction .

. senryu, senryū 川柳 Senryu poems in Edo .

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