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. Famous Places and Power spots of Edo 江戸の名所 .
. Persons and People of Edo - Personen .

Jiyuugaoka, Jiyūgaoka 自由が丘 Jiyugaoka district
Meguro, Jiyugaoka 一丁目 - 三丁目 first to third sub-district

A rather expensive residential area.
The name refers to a university campus named 自由ヶ丘学園 Jiyugaoka gakuen.
In 1927, the 東急東横線 Toyokosen opened a line and because there was a temple with 阿弥陀如来 nine Amida Nyorai Buddha statues, the area was called
Kuhonbutsu 九品仏. The name of the new 東横線 Toyokosen station was also Kuhonbutsu.
In 1929, when the 東急大井町線 line was prolonged, the Kuhonbutsu station became its station name.
So the Toyoko sen station was re-named Jiyugaoka Station.
In 1932, the name Jiyugaoka was given to the whole district.
In 1965, the spelling was changed from 自由ヶ丘 to 自由が丘 (with Hiragana GA が ).

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..... The name also refers to the broader area surrounding Jiyūgaoka Station, which includes both Jiyūgaoka, part of Midorigaoka and nearby Okusawa (奥沢) in Setagaya.
..... There are numerous apparel stores, speciality goods stores, cafes and restaurants. Jiyūgaoka is often considered as one of the most desirable places to live in Tokyo. The middle class demographic is also reflected in the concentration of private schools in the neighbourhood and the large number of after school juku.
- History
Jiyūgaoka was largely rural until the late 1920s, when rail service commenced. On 28 August 1927, Kuhonbutsu-mae Station (九品仏前駅 Kuhonbutsu-mae eki) was established on the Tōyoko Line. In the same year, Jiyūgaoka-gakuen High School was opened.
The school name, 自由ヶ丘学園高等学校, literally "Liberal Hill Academy", due to its liberal education (part of the Taishō period liberal education movement, later gave rise to the name of the nearby station and thence the entire area, similarly to the neighboring stations of Toritsu-Daigaku Station and Gakugei-daigaku Station (named for universities formerly located in the area). ...
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九品仏 浄真寺 Temple Kuhonbutsu (Kuhombutsu) Joshin-Ji
東京都世田谷区奥沢7-41-3 / Setagaya, 7-41-3 Okusawa

The temple was founded in 1678, the nine statues are a cultural property of Tokyo city.
Every three years the temple features a special festival,
o-men kaburi お面かぶり "wearing a mask".

A special bridge is built between the 本堂 main hall and the 三仏堂 Sanbutsu-Do hall and 25 selected people wearing the mask of a Bostatsu are allowed to walk over the bridge.

A similar ritual is held at the birth temple Tanjo-Ji of 法然上人 Saint Honen in Okayama 岡山県 誕生時.
. The Ceremony of the 25 Bosatsu 二十五菩薩練供養 .

. Kuhonbutsu Amida - Introduction .
Each statue features one of the
nine hand positions (mudra) of Amida Nyorai


Yuutenji, Yūtenji 祐天寺 Yutenji district
Meguro, Yutenji 一丁目 - 二丁目 first and second sub-district

Mostly a residential area.
Yuten-Ji is a temple in honor of Saint Yuten and gives the name to this area.
. Yuuten, Yūten 祐天 Yuten Shami (1637 - 1718) .


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Jiyugaoka no yuube wa kooru yuki-usagi

the night at
Jiyugaoka is freezing -
a snow rabbit

Jiyugaoka no sora o noseyuku natsu booshi

summer hats
stick into the sky of
Jiyugaoka ...

山田みづえ Yamada Mizue (1926 - 2013)
Tr. Gabi Greve


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