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Tonogayato Teien 殿ヶ谷戸庭園 Tonogayato Garden, Park
6 Chome-69-30 Nishi-Sunacho, Tachikawa, Tokyo

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Tonogayato Garden (殿ヶ谷戸庭園, Tonogayato Teien)
is a traditional Japanese garden located in Kokubunji, Tokyo. Its name comes from the region's old name, Tonogayato, Kokubunji village. The garden covers an area of 21,124 square metres (5.2 acres).
- - - - - History
The garden was laid out between 1913-15 in the grounds of a villa built for Eguchi Teijo, the Vice-President of the Manchurian Railway, who was a senior director of the Mitsubishi group. In 1929, the garden was purchased by the founder of Mitsubishi, Iwasaki Yatarō, who completed it as a circular style garden with a tea house. It was used as a villa for the Iwasaki Family. In response to a plan to develop the area for other uses, local residents started a campaign to preserve the garden. The Tokyo Metropolitan Government eventually purchased it in 1974 and opened it to the public in 1979. In 1998, the Tonogayato Garden was designated as a Place of Scenic Beauty by the Tokyo Metropolitan Government.
- - - - - Features
The garden is centered on a pond and uses the natural terrain of the Musashino Plateau by incorporating the valleys found in the terrace cliffs into its design. The highlight is the strikingly different types of landscape: a scenic spacious lawn on the top, steep slopes, a pond with waterfalls and bamboo forest at the bottom. There is a depression in the pond containing a natural spring called Jiro Benten that provides large quantities of fresh water. Water that runs off the cliff is a part of the source of the Nogawa River.
A tea house called Koyo-tei is also situated in the gardens.
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五日市街道に交差する道は、北側が「殿ヶ谷街道」 Tonogaya Kaido
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殿ヶ谷街道 Tonogaya Kaido Highway
殿ヶ谷の道 Tonogaya no michi

- 西砂川 Nishi-Suna - 殿ヶ谷街道 - photos


Iwasaki Yataro 岩崎弥太郎 Iwasaki Yatarō
(1834 - 1885)

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a Japanese financier and shipping industrialist, and the founder of Mitsubishi.
Iwasaki was born in a provincial farming family in Aki, Tosa province (now Kōchi Prefecture), the great-grandson of a man who had sold his family's samurai status in obligation of debts. Iwasaki began his career as an employee of the Yamauchi clan. The clan had business interests in many parts of Japan.
Iwasaki left for Edo (now Tokyo) aged nineteen for his education. He interrupted his studies a year later when his father was seriously injured in a dispute with the village headman. When the local magistrate refused to hear his case, Iwasaki accused him of corruption. Iwasaki was sent to prison for seven months. After his release, Iwasaki was without a job for a time before finding work as a teacher.
Returning to Edo,
he socialised with political activists and studied under the reformist Yoshida Toyo, who influenced him with ideas of opening and developing the then-closed nation through industry and foreign trade. Through Yoshida, he found work as a clerk for the Yamauchi government, and bought back his family's samurai status. He was promoted to the top position at the Yamauchi clan's trading office in Nagasaki, responsible for trading camphor oil and paper to buy ships, weapons, and ammunition. ...
Iwasaki became president of Mitsubishi in March 1870. ...
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岩崎弥太郎 by 立石優 Tateishi Yu (1935 - )


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